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Supplementary memorandum submitted by GamCare

  As the subject was of such interest to the DCMS Committee they may be interested in the fact that the Gambling Industry Charitable Trust has turned down GamCare's recent request for a supplementary grant.

  It may be of help if I recap on the situation.

  Last financial year ending March 2002 GamCare received 299,600 from industry sources (including 75,000 from GICT).

  The voluntary contribution represented 55 per cent of forecast income required and 63 per cent of actual income (476,692).

  This financial year GamCare will receive 311,250 from GICT and around 70,000 from other industry sources.

  The GICT contribution represents 34 per cent of forecast income required (926,000).

  311,250 is 4 per cent more than we attracted from all industry sources last year and is a very modest figure compared with the gross profit of the gambling industry and comparative to other countries (for example the industry contribution for Helpline and counselling services alone in New Zealand for this year is 2.6 million).

  Next financial year beginning April 2003 GICT have for the first quarter only granted GamCare 86,250. There is no offer of fuding beyond June 2003 from the Trust.

  It appears GICT have raised 800,000 to cover a period of 18 months which equates to 533,333 in a 12 month period.

  GamCare currently have a deficit of likely income over required income of 254,000. Should our third consecutive three year application for funding from the Community Fund prove successful some of this deficit will be covered. However, there is no guarantee of this so the future remains very uncertain for GamCare that is the operator of the national Helpline, the largest provider of counselling for problem gamblers in the UK, and the only national organisation addressing education and harm minimisation issues regarding gambling.

15 July 2002



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Prepared 24 July 2002