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Memorandum submitted by the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations


  The Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations looks after the interests of self-employed licensees, ie tenants, leaseholders and free traders, the majority of whom are single operators running small businesses.

  Without income from machines many public houses would be unviable and would have to close.

  Whilst the FLVA welcomes part of the Government's proposals we feel that in certain areas these would be detrimental to public houses.

  Set out below are the FLVAs views regarding the Budd Report and the Safe Bet.

    —  The FLVA supports the view that there should be one single regulator—the Gambling Commission.

    —  We do not support the view that local authorities should take over the responsibilities from the Magistrates and have the authority to impose blanket bans on gambling activities.

    —  The FLVA agrees with the Budd Report that clubs and public houses should be treated equally.

    —  We are of the opinion that to take away the jackpot machines from clubs would be unfair and would lead to closures.

    —  We believe that public houses as well as clubs should be allowed to have jackpot machines on their premises for the benefit of their customers.

    —  The £25 pay out and 30p stake should be reviewed on a regular basis by the Gambling Commission as against it being increased by the retail price index.

    —  The FLVA objects to the proposals in the Safe Bet Report that children should not be allowed into areas in public houses where machines are installed. Public houses are well controlled and do not allow under 18s to play machines.

    —  Under present legislation, 14 year olds plus are allowed into any area of a public house with no restrictions. If legislation went through not allowing children in areas where machines are—what age group would be excluded?

16 May 2002

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Prepared 11 June 2002