Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Chairman of the Committee from Mr Bob Stubbs (former Chief Executive of WNSL)


  I gather from media reports that the Committee will revisit the Wembley Stadium project at its hearings on Tuesday 21 May 2002 and Thursday 23 May 2002.

  I believe that on Tuesday, 21 May the Committee will hear from an organisation called "Tropus" whom I understand have produced a report which may have raised certain issues in relation to the management of the project during my time as Chief Executive of Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL), from inception until July 2001.

  Following my departure from WNSL I became aware that third parties had raised some issues with The FA or WNSL in relation to the conduct of the Company's affairs. I contacted the Chairman of WNSL offering to assist and co-operate with any reviews or discussions that may be taking place. To date I have received no response to my offer.

  It would appear that WNSL have commissioned reviews from both Tropus and David James, which based on various press reports contain innuendos and/or allegations relating to the performance of the Company, individual managers and perhaps, me. I would emphasise that I have not seen either the Tropus or David James reports and no-one from the FA, WNSL, Tropus or the David James organisation has ever approached me to seek any explanation or establish the factual accuracy of these reports.

  The manner in which WNSL has conducted itself appears to be inconsistent with the concept of natural justice and standard professional ethics and in addition raises questions about the motives of those involved and the veracity of the conclusions drawn.

  I thought it important to bring these matters to your attention so that both you and the Committee are aware of the background to the preparation of the Tropus report.

  At the current time I cannot address any of the matters which may have been raised in the Tropus report, as I have no knowledge of it. However I would be more than happy to co-operate with the Select Committee's review in any manner you feel would be appropriate.[1]

17 May 2002

1   See the joint memorandum submitted by Mr Ken Bates and Mr Bob Stubbs in the Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence below. Back

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Prepared 10 July 2002