Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


  Surely we fans deserve the best of stadiums for the best of teams, at the best of sites. The AFC directors should consider the site of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard, which is probably the best site for a stadium in England, consisting of 10 acres of railway arches.

  AFC fans can share their new home with the new national stadium and be at the hub of London's railway networks with three integrated railway stations and a further three stations within 10 minutes walk.

  The East London line will run directly from Highbury into the new Bishopsgate station onsite.

  AFC shareholders do not have to underwrite what is seen as a speculative property deal dressed up in football kit. Shareholders can share the costs with others such as European, central and local government, the GLA, FA, AAA, Sports Council, Olympic and lottery funding.

  With over 10 acres of brick arches, clearance and groundwork costs can be minimised and construction time speeded up.

  The Bishopsgate site has few residents and businesses, some of which can return to the site after completion of building works.

  The Ashburton Grove site can be for new housing to benefit the local community who has tolerated the AFC for years. Anyone who has tried to travel through the area on match days are fellow sufferers.

  AFC Directors have a duty to exercise economic and common sense, logic, intelligence, wisdom, belief, passion, vision and imagination and choose Bishopsgate as the new home for AFC and the National Stadium.

  HRH the Prince of Wales wishes to preserve and build on the Bishopsgate site as a matter of National Interest.

  For Bishopsgate related links go to: and search for Bishopsgate Goodsyard see pages 7, 11 and 78 Evening Standard dated 29 April 2002.

  For details of a National Stadium built on a similar inner city in Japan go to:

  Congratulations on AFC's double success. The next double whammy is the new AFC and National Stadium!!

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Prepared 10 July 2002