Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex to Appendix 5

Letter dated 24 April 2002, to the DCMS from Mr Andy Prokopp

  Thank you for your time on the telephone on Monday.

  We would like to build a new National Stadium on top of the site of the present derelict goodsyard structure. The enclosures include details of a similar site in Tokyo.

  The ground floor would be a permanent home for Brick Lane market on Sundays and for parking the rest of the time. The perimeter would be for small shops and businesses.

  The first floor would accommodate the new East London Line, enclosed in glass, running along the Northern perimeter of the site. This would make three railway stations serving the site and a further three stations within 10 minutes walk (Old Street, Liverpool Street and Whitechapel). With the new Crossrail scheme linking West London with Liverpool Street and/or Whitechapel, no stadium will be better served by public transport.

  This floor and subsequent floors will include an Olympic swimming pool, ice rink, velodrome, basketball etc.

  Permanent attractions will include the Repton BC (the oldest and best amateur boxing club in the world), a Museum of Anatomy (plasmation) and a new home for the Arsenal Football Club.

  The top floor would be the new National Stadium, including an International athletics track within the all weather stadium. The stadium in Tokyo had a build time of less than 18 months.

  I believe it to be in the National interest to build the stadium on this site.

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Prepared 10 July 2002