Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Chairman of the Committee from Mr Michael Simons


  It was not until the other day that I first became aware that you are the Chairman of the Committee who is investigating issues surrounding the place and cost of the new National Stadium.

  I do not understand why there is so much deceit and paranoia on the part of the southerners, who seem hell-bent on having the stadium built at Wembley come-what-may.

  In August 2001 this was the topic of a discussion on a Midlands TV programme and viewers were asked to send in their observations. I enclose a copy of my e-mail of 9 August 2001 which I hope is self-explanatory (see annex). As yet, everyone has conveniently forgotten the fact that if Maggie Thatcher's gang had come up with the money required in the mid-1970's you would not be chairing a committee investigating these issues. I hope that there is enough time for you to require the FA or FL to produce to your committee, copies of all of the documentation that must exist relating to the circumstances in which they choose to take up the offer from Notts County Council to built the National Stadium 120 miles from Charing Cross.

  As an individual who has spent most of his working live doing battles in civil litigation, I recall and convey to you one of the earliest pieces of wisdom given to me by my senior principal: if only you can get you hands on all of the relevant documents, you will not need a trial Judge to decide the issues, it will be self-explanatory from the documents the client has not troubled himself to find and hand over to you. How right he was.

  I hope it is not too late for you to Order the FA or FL to produce your Committee all correspondence, agreements and internal memos relating to:

    1.    its decision to build the national stadium at Annesley, Nottingham

    2.    the efforts it made to raise the required finance

    3.    the correspondence and the agreement whereby it claims it has to hold FA cup finals at Wembley for a 20 year period. You will see whether or not this agreement was entered into before or after it invited submissions from interested parties for the building of a new national stadium. Letters written by the FA or FL to its members, agendas and minutes must exist. When there is evidence of admitted deceit, you are justified in delving further into the realms of credibility.

30 May 2002

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Prepared 10 July 2002