Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Second Special Report


3.1    Lord Alexander wrote on 19 December 2001 as chairman of the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee commenting on the Commons Committee's 1st Special Report.

Pre-scrutiny consultation with the Committee

3.2    In his letter, Lord Alexander helpfully makes it clear that the Lords Committee is also happy to entertain requests for "without prejudice" pre-scrutiny guidance on technical issues connected with the Regulatory Reform procedure.

Forward Look

3.3    Lord Alexander also welcomed the introduction of a monthly "Forward Look" report from the Government.


3.4    The Lords Committee agreed with the Commons Committee's approach to deciding on the issue of "appropriateness" in particular cases. This will involve forming a view as to whether the Committee feels itself competent to come to the necessary judgements in respect of any proposal on behalf of its House. If the Committee concludes that it is not, it will make clear its view that the proposal in question should be debated and voted upon by the whole House.

3.5    Given its reassurance about not bringing forward proposals for RROs that are both "large and controversial", the Government considers that to be the right way forward.

3.6    The Government would also like once again to thank the Committee for the flexibility it has shown regarding the laying of proposals to date, especially given its other responsibilities.


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Prepared 24 July 2002