Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Minutes of Proceedings Report


Mr Peter Pike, in the Chair

Mr Russell BrownMr Paul Goodman
Chris MoleDr Doug Naysmith
Brian CotterMr Mark Lazarowicz
Mr Denis MurphyBrian White

The Committee deliberated.

Proposal for the Regulatory Reform (Carers' Allowance) Order 2002: Mr Charles Ramsden, Head of Disability and Carers Branch, Ms Marion Hutt, Section Head, Invalid Care Allowance Policy and Mrs Vicky Fox, Legal Adviser, Department for Work and Pensions, were examined.

Draft Report [The Draft Regulatory Reform (Golden Jubilee Licensing) Order 2002; The Draft Regulatory Reform (Voluntary Aided Schools Liabilities and Funding) Order 2002], proposed by the Chairman, brought up and read.

(The Minutes of Proceedings of the Committee relating to the Report are published in the Seventh Report from the Deregulation and Regulatory Reform Committee, HC (2001­02) 677, p.12.)

The Committee deliberated.

Resolved, That the Committee do take evidence from the Minister for Regulatory Reform in respect of the operation of the Regulatory Reform Act and related matters.—(The Chairman.)

  [Adjourned till Tuesday 12 March at half past Nine o'clock.

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Prepared 15 April 2003