Select Committee on Defence Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Further Memorandum submitted by the Ministry of Defence (5 December 2001)

  Thank you for your letter of 30 November.

  The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in his Pre-Budget Report that an additional £100 million had been made available to the Ministry of Defence for new equipment and immediate operational requirements (Hansard, 27 November 2001, Col 834).

  As the Defence Secretary explained in his evidence to the Committee on 28 November, this sum relates to immediate equipment and other urgent operational requirements for current military operations in and around Afghanistan. The funding of any possible future equipment requirements emerging from the "New Chapter" work on the broader implications for defence of the 11 September attacks will be addressed in the normal way.

  On your specific questions, the £100 million refers to the current financial year, 2001-02, and will be presented in the Spring Supplementary Estimates 2001-02.

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Prepared 18 December 2001