Select Committee on Defence Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Second Clerk from Chief Fire Officer Richard Bull (December 2001)

  Following our recent letter, which contained our written submissions to the Inquiry into Defence and Security in the United Kingdom, an important announcement has been made by the DTLR, which slightly changes our submission. I would therefore like to make the following information available to the Inquiry.

  The DTLR has announced that in the region of £45 million has been made available to fund the first tranche of new dimension work for the fire service. This will effectively mean that the facilities, resources, equipment, etc for mass decontamination can now be established. However, it is important that the full funding requirements of the bid made to the Capital Modernisation Fund, for the other tranches of work, are also accepted. This will then ensure that the appropriate risk assessment resources are in place to underpin the resilience of the UK Fire Services. Additionally, there will also be an essential need to ensure that appropriate revenue funding is also made available to sustain and maintain this resilience.

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Prepared 24 July 2002