Select Committee on Defence Minutes of Evidence

Copy of a Letter from David Veness, ACPO, to Bruce Mann, MOD on the SDR New Chapter (8 April 2002)


  Thank you for sending a copy of the latest draft progress reports on the above.

  The police service is very grateful to you for keeping us so helpfully briefed and included in this debate. I am especially indebted for your kindness in calling personally at the Yard to discuss the way ahead.

  ACPO Terrorism & Allied Matters Committee meets on 11 April 2002, and I will report the creation of a sub-group which is addressing counter-terrorist reinforcement. The group is concerned to look at all available resources, which could be drawn upon to assist poice before, during and after a counter-terrorist incident. From a police viewpoint there are various options, including:

  1.  Special Constabularies.

  2.  Police auxiliaries (developments await).

  3.  Private security resources.

  4.  Volunteer reserves.

  5.  Others—eg voluntary organisations.

  Taking the Volunteer Reserves as an example, the possible reinforcement roles which could occur might include:

    (a)  providing visible (unarmed) guarding should a threat occur to a wide range of targets (eg the power industry);

    (b)  assisting with mass evacuation; and

    (c)  crisis response to a mass casualty attack location.

  I would be very grateful if the interests of the Volunteer Reserve could be included in the "CT Reinforcement Working Group" and it would be very helpful if you could suggest a nominee.

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