Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report



ACPO          Association of Chief Police Officers

ACPO TAM    The Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee of ACPO

AFB          Air Force Base

ATC          Air Traffic Control

CAA          Civil Aviation Authority

CACFOA    Chief and Assistant Chief Fire Officers Association

CAOC        Combined Air Operations Centre

CBRN          Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear

CCC          Civil Contingencies Committee

CCS          Civil Contingencies Secretariat

CIA          Central Intelligence Agency

CNI          Critical National Infrastructure

COBR          Cabinet Office Briefing Room

DEFRA        Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DOP(IT)(T)    Ministerial Group on Preventive and Protective Security

DTI          Department for Trade and Industry

DTLR          Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions

ECN          Emergency Communication Network

ERA          Elected Regional Assembly

EU          European Union

FAA          Federal Aviation Administration

GOR          Government Offices of the Regions

ICAO          International Civil Aviation Organisation

IRSS          Institute for Resource and Security Studies

LGA          Local Government Association

MACA        Military Assistance to the Civil Authority

MACC        Military Aid to the Civil Community

MACP        Military Aid to the Civil Power

MAGD        Military Aid to Other Government Departments

MDP          Ministry of Defence Police

MoD          Ministry of Defence

NATINADS    NATO Integrated Air Defence System

NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NBC          Nuclear biological and chemical

NISCC        National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre

NFCI          National Focus for Chemical Incidents

NORAD      North American Aerospace Defence Command

OECD          Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PCT          Primary Care Trust

POST          Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

QRA          Quick Reaction Alert

RAF          Royal Air Force

SSA          Standard Spending Assessment

SDR          Strategic Defence Review

TA          Territorial Army

TAM          Committee on Terrorism and Allied Matters

Transec        Transport Security Division of the Department of Transport

UN          United Nations


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Prepared 24 July 2002