Select Committee on Defence Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex F



  1.  The Operational Medical Record, F Med 965, has been introduced on a tri-Service basis to replace the B Med 27, the Personal Medical Summary booklet which was formerly issued to individuals. The F Med 965 represents a shared ownership of an individual medical record between the patient and the medical officer/medical staff. It consists of a waterproof cover and a 12-page booklet in which information such as blood type, vaccinations, summary of medical history, issue of antimalaria drugs and Nerve Agent Pre-Treatment Sets, can be recorded as well as medical attendances and treatment while on deployment.

  2.  The F Med 965 is normally held by an individual's medical centre within the F Med 4, the folder for storing personal medical records. When individuals are deployed on operations or detached on exercises without their F Med 4, up-to-date F Med 965s should be issued to them by their medical centre. Since large numbers of personnel may be required to move at very short notice, non-computerised primary care practices are required to raise F Med 965s for all registered Service personnel and keep them updated as required. Where computerised practices are able to generate summary data readily they may choose to defer raising the form until a movement has been notified. F Med 965s are to be raised for Reservists on Full Time Reserve Service as for regular personnel, but for other Reserve personnel only when they are called up for operations or detached exercises. F Med 965s should be reviewed for accuracy at each medical examination and updated following vaccinations and significant health events.

  3.  Medical centres are required to ensure that personnel warned for deployment/exercise report to them at the earliest opportunity to be issued with updated F Med 965s. Medical centres must maintain a register of F Med 965 issues and returns in order that hastening action can be taken to return deployed health records to the main medical record if individuals fail to do so on their return from deployment. The procedures to be followed are:

    a.  Individuals collect and sign for their F Med 965.

    b.  The F Med 965 is to be carried at all times while on deployment, even when off-duty in civilian attire, and handed to deployed medical staff whenever medical advice or treatment is sought.

    c.   Deployed medical staff are to update the F Med 965 at each consultation, recording all medical encounters, and to return the form to the individual. If any section becomes full, a further F Med 965 is to be issued.

    d.  On return to his/her parent unit, the individual is to hand the F Med 965 to medical centre staff and draw attention to any outstanding problems or continuing care requirements.

    e.   Medical centre staff are to record receipt of the F Med 965, enter details of in-theatre vaccinations/consultations in the individual's F Med 4, and check that there are no outstanding actions required. The F Med 965 should be then retained in the F Med 4 until it is re-issued.

  4.  Compliance with this policy is to be checked through single Service audit processes.


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Prepared 9 May 2002