Select Committee on Defence Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted from the Ministry of Defence on the RAND Study into Warship Procurement Strategies (15 May 2001)

  The MOD has commissioned RAND to do a short study on procurement strategies for our future warship programmes over the next 15-20 years, with particular reference to options for the Type 45 Destroyer. It is intended to help inform decisions by the Department on individual programmes within the context of obtaining value for money over the warship programme as a whole. It will be a further contribution to the Department's thinking on the subject, supplementing the work already conducted internally. The study should help inform the ongoing assessment of the unsolicited offer from BAE SYSTEMS Marine concerning an alternative procurement approach for the Type 45.

  RAND have a good track record of this type of study, predominantly on US defence procurement issues for the DoD. Topics have included US Submarine Production and the US Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base. They have also just completed a study of the Procurement Strategy options for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Project.

  RAND are approaching UK shipbuilders and other defence firms, to gather information and views, in confidence.

  The study is expected to last some weeks.

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Prepared 10 July 2002