Select Committee on Defence Memoranda

Annex F


  Attached examples set out a comparison of the benefits available on death or injury in the armed forces under:-

    a)  Existing benefits—paid through a combination of the attributable benefits of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme and the War Pension Scheme.

    b)  Proposed benefits—as set out under the Joint Compensation Review Consultation document dated March 2001.

  The examples chosen are intended to illustrate the main features of the Review proposals. They cannot cover every aspect of the proposals.

  The examples provided are :-
1.  Death in service a)  no children, lower pay spine level

b)  no children, upper pay spine level

c)  2 children
2.  Injury claim emerging after retirement Tariff 8—eg significant mental condition
3.  Injury leading to discharge from services Tariff 13—eg fracture long bone in lower limb
4.  Injury not leading to discharge Tariff 13—eg internal derangement of the knee
5.  Injury claim emerging after retirement Does not satisfy new scheme criteria

  Note that where, under the "proposed arrangements", benefits are payable from the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) the benefits quoted are based on our proposals for the new AFPS. Some members of the Armed Forces can be expected not to transfer to the new pension scheme and the calculations affecting them will be different. Transitional arrangements will be developed to cover such cases.

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Prepared 14 March 2002