Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum from Birmingham Partnership for Change (EB04)

  Birmingham Partnership for Change is a strategic organisation. Through partnerships the organisation seeks to a) provide strategies in education and employment in response to the particular needs of the African Caribbean community in Birmingham; b) develop shared agendas for change and development between the African Caribbean community and public and private sector institutions in pursuance of our mission; and change policy and practice in the education and employment of African Caribbean people in Birmingham.

  The following represent some major achievements in education. However, a number of challenging issues still face the African Caribbean community in Birmingham:

    —  Commissioning of research: The Personal and Academic Development of Vulnerable African Caribbean Pupils (Year 11).

    —  Launch of Raising Expectations and Achievement in Literacy for children from African Caribbean Backgrounds (REAL)—February 2002 (Years 5/6).

    —  Training of African Caribbean Supplementary schools—April/May 2001.

    —  Facilitated the development of African Caribbean supplementary schools network—Capacity building of supplementary schools including work with the Supplementary Schools Support Service—Department for Education and Employment Pilot Project.

    —  Meeting with Department for Education and Skills with Black Boys Can—April 2002.

    —  Working with African Caribbean parents to improve their capacity to support their children.

    —  Graduate Professional Programme.

    —  Increased the number of African Caribbean governors in schools.

    —  Membership of LEA's Governors Recruitment Strategy Group.

    —  Monitoring/evaluation of provision of education to African Caribbean children—.African Caribbean Achievement Group.

    —  Teacher Recruitment/retention.

    —  The Personal and Academic Development of Vulnerable African and Caribbean Pupils (PAD).

    —  Organised a Conference on the Raising Standards: The Education of African and Caribbean Pupils.

Birmingham Partnership for Change

September 2002


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Prepared 31 October 2002