Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Proceedings Report



Members present:

Mr David ChaytorMr Kerry Pollard
Valerie DaveyMr Laurence Robertson
Jeff EnnisMr Jonathan R Shaw
Paul HolmesMr Andrew Turner
Ms Meg Munn

The Committee deliberated. Members of the Committee disclosed their interests, pursuant to the Resolution of the House of 13 July 1992 [see Annex].

Resolved, That Mr Barry Sheerman be the Chairman of the Committee.—(Jeff Ennis.)

Resolved, That, in the absence of the Chairman, Valerie Davey do take the Chair of the Committee at this day's sitting.—(Jonathan Shaw.)

The Chairman invited Members to declare any further interests relevant to the work of the Committee.

Jeff Ennis declared that he was a member of the governing body at Willowgarth High School, Grimethorpe.

Ordered, That the public be admitted during the examination of witnesses, unless the Committee otherwise orders. — (The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee takes note of the rules relating to the confidentiality of Committee proceedings. — (The Chairman.)

Ordered, That those who submit Memoranda in connection with the Committee's inquiries have leave to publish them. — (The Chairman.)

Draft Special Report, proposed by the Chairman, brought up, read the first and second time, and agreed to.

Resolved, That the Report be the First Special Report of the Committee to the House.

Ordered, That the Chairman do make the Report to the House.

Ordered, That the Responses by the Government and Ofsted to the Eighth Report from the Education and Employment Committee in Session 2000-01 [Standards and Quality in Education: the Annual Report of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools for 1999-2000] be appended to the Report. — (The Chairman.)

The Committee deliberated.

  [Adjourned to a date and time to be fixed by the Chairman.

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Prepared 27 March 2003