Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Proceedings Report


Members present:

Mr Barry Sheerman, in the Chair

Mr John BaronMs Meg Munn
Mr David ChaytorMr Kerry Pollard
Valerie DaveyJonathan Shaw
Jeff EnnisMr Mark Simmonds
Paul HolmesMr Andrew Turner

The Committee deliberated.

Individual Learning Accounts: Mr Peter Lauener, Director of Learning Delivery and Standards Group, and Mr Derek Grover, Director of Adult Learning, Department for Education and Skills, were examined.

Mr James O'Brien, Association of Computer Trainers, Ms Emma Solomon and Ms Caroline Lambie, Hairnet, and Mr Roger Tuckett, Chief Executive, Henley Community Online, were examined.

  [Adjourned till Wednesday 30 January at half-past Nine o'clock.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 27 March 2003