Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum from Mr Geoff Hall, Director of Learning Programmes, Learning and Skills Council (ILA 61)

  I am writing to furnish you with the additional information which David Chaytor MP requested when I presented evidence to the Select Committee at their hearing of Wednesday 6 February.

  I would ask the Committee to accept my apologies that it has proven more difficult to complete this task than I would have wished; first because, as the Committee is aware, I took up my new post in Nottingham on Monday 11 February and secondly, LSC colleagues found that a number of key files had been archived by FEFC and required retrieval.

  I have now personally accessed those files and as a result wish to correct my statement to the Committee that advice had been given to a high level meeting in May 2000. In fact, the meeting which I had in mind took place on 13 July 2000. It was a meeting of the Quadripartite Group.

  The Quadripartite Group comprised the Chief Executives of the FEFC and the TEC National Council, 2/3 FEFC National Directors, 2/3 TEC Chief Executives, and the Education Officer of the Local Government Association. It was chaired by the Director General of Lifelong Learning and attended by senior officials mainly from that Directorate. It met termly and was the highest level formally constituted contact meeting between DfES and FEFC.

  At the meeting of 13 July, FEFC was represented by David Russell, Director of Finance, and myself. Minute 4.5 under the sub-heading `Individual Learning Accounts' records that:

  `Nick Stuart [then Director General] noted the concerns of FEFC members about the possibility that public funding routed through ILAs might not be subject to the usual rigorous quality arrangements, depending on the providers involved.'

  I trust that this is the information which Mr Chaytor requested.

Mr Geoff Hall

February 2002.

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Prepared 19 March 2002