Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


  The College undertook this work as a contribution to the LSDA report on the Costs of Disadvantage and is for your information.

  Some examples of additional mainstream inputs arising from:

    —  Low previous attainment, underdeveloped study habits

    —  Negative image of learning/self as a learner

    —  Family/neighbourhood under-resourced to provide personal and practical support

    —  Increased incident of external factors inhibiting retention

  1.  Admissions process cannot rely on placement by GCSE outcome and therefore requires:

    —  Analysis of the minimum competencies required to succeed on each course

    —  Design of appropriate assessment tools

    —  Assessment of each candidate

    —  Guidance and feedback procedures which support this process.

  We carry the cost of developing and administering this system.

  2.  Induction is not simply an introduction to a new education institution re-orientation to learning to those:

    —  Returning as adults

    —  Unfamiliar with British education system

    —  With experience of continuum of disengagement from school.

  We carry the cost of an extended induction procedure.

  3.  Tutoring focuses on management of learning and the development of self-reliant planning and review processes. This is particularly challenging and time-consuming for those who have:

    —  Weak sense of their ability to manage or control any aspect of their lives

    —  Little experience of a systematic and regular commitment to learning

    —  Few of the skills required for target-setting or self-assessment

    —  Many competing demands on their time and commitment

  We carry the cost of additional tutoring and back-up systems.

  4.  Private study is critical to success but particularly challenging for those who:

    —  Need to work to buy household basics

    —  Have few independent learning skills

    —  Have no study resources at home

    —  Do not have access to quiet study space

    —  Cannot call on the informed support of family members

  We carry the cost of resourcing and staffing a network of learning support provision.

  5.  Keeping a focus on learning is particularly challenging for those who are more likely to be:

    —  Poor

    —  Dealing with a range of statutory agencies: BA, Social Services, Immigration

    —  Lone/young parents

    —  Faced with a range of personal issues including homelessness, family breakdown, domestic violence

    —  Living in high-crime neighbourhoods

  We carry the cost of resourcing and staffing a network of learner support provision.

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Prepared 29 November 2001