Select Committee on Education and Skills Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Further memorandum from Professor Carol Fitz-Gibbon (OFSO2B)

    We urge the Select Committee to call for a Royal Commission that will consider:

    —  the extent to which the judgements are fair and accurate

    —  the value for money represented by OFSTED inspections


  Sir Iain Chalmers Professor of Medicine

  And the following Professors of Education:

  Michael Byram

  Michael Bassey

  Thomas Christie

  Paul Croll

  John Elliott

  Lewis Elton

  Carol T.Fitz-Gibbon

  Maurice Galton

  Peter Kutnick

  Peter F.W. Preece

  Colin Richards

  Michael Shayer

  Bridget Somekh

  Peter B. Tymms

  Gaby Weiner

  Dylan Wiliam

  Mantz Yorke

November 2001

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Prepared 14 February 2002