Select Committee on Education and Skills Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum from Alex Coad (OFS08A)


    —  A letter to the Chief Inspector welcoming consulting children during inspections.

    —  Expressing concern over method of consultation.

    —  Offering assistance in looking at appropriate methods.

  1.  Thank you for taking into account the rights of the child, and making changes to the system which I feel are long overdue. However, there are some aspects which are cause for concern, such as the student's right to anonymity, if they so wish. I feel that every care should be taken to make the student feel secure during their discussion with the inspectors, for example the discussion should be between one member of OFSTED and one student.

  2.  As a student at a democratic free school I am experienced at expressing my opinions to adults; as you will know from my personal lobbying of you, on the issue of listening to the voices of children, at your last appearance before the Select Committee. I would be willing to share my skills and experiences with OFSTED in helping you to find the best possible way to gain the views of school children.

  3.  I look forward to meeting you again at the Committee meeting on 5th December.

Alex Coad (16)

Summerhill School

November 2001

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