Select Committee on Education and Skills Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Further supplementary memorandum from Margaret Hodge MBE MP (SS 30)


Current research and evaluation projects

  "Potential Mature Students Recruitment to HE" (forthcoming in 2002), Archer, L. et al.

  "The Returns to Higher Education Teaching" (forthcoming in 2002) Arnaud Chevalier, Gavan Conlon, Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Sandra McNally, CEE, DfES.

  Dropping Out: A study of early leavers from Higher Education (forthcoming in 2002) Rhys Davies and Peter Elias

  "Ethnic Minority Students in Higher Education" (publication in 2004) Connor, H. et al.

  Evaluation of Excellence Challenge.

  HE extensions to the Youth Cohort Study.

  The review of HE student support.

Planned research

  Student Income and Expenditure Survey 2002-03.

  Modelling the supply of academic staff in HE.

  Moving On—graduate careers three years of graduation.

  Youth Cohort Study: HE module cohort 11 sweep 2 and sweep 3.

  The costs of HE and the costs of alternative forms of provision.

  Not all the research projects listed will be published. Some are for internal purposes only.

Margaret Hodge MBE MP

June 2002

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Prepared 11 July 2002