Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum from Ipswich ITeC (ILA 28)



  1.1  Empowered the individual

  1.2  National scheme

  1.3  Encouraged learning and uptake of qualifications

  1.4  Minimal bureaucracy

  1.5  Introduced new providers and new provision

  1.6  Introduced new learners

  1.7  Highlighted enthusiasm for acquisition of IT skills throughout population


  2.1  Establish a robust provider vetting scheme—to be implemented by LLSC

  2.2  Ensure ongoing quality monitoring of providers—to be undertaken by ALI

  1.3  Continue the concept of the central ILA Unit BUT-

2.3.1  Re-inforce management skills

2.3.2  Improve the ICT functionality to

    —  "ensure adequate capacity on the website

    —  "maintain the integrity of the data

  2.3.4  Require regular reports from the ILA Centre to DfES on usage, satisfaction feedback, complaints etc on individual providers and overall with copies to LSC and the relevant LLSC

  2.5  Introduce 3 year contracts for approved providers to enable long term investment and development


  3.1  Restore the confidence and trust of the legitimate provider community in Government partnerships—potentially the most difficult task

  3.2  Announce and market the implementation date of the new scheme to restore the confidence of current and potential learners

  3.3  Make every effort to complete valid outstanding payments to bona fide providers to ensure continuation of a broad range of provision and therefore choice


The re-introduction of ILAs requires two significant elements.

    Restoring the confidence of the public and the providers—essential to the success of the future scheme

    Achieving the balance between the benefit of minimal bureaucracy and the need for robust and transparent accountability

  Meeting this challenge will, I believe, be a significant contribution to the implementation of lifelong learning and the improvement of IT skills across the population.

Ipswich ITeC

February 2002

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Prepared 19 March 2002