Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 517 - 519)




  517. Minister, could I welcome you again.
  (John Healey) Thank you. It is a pleasure to be back.

  518. May I say, everyone on the Committee valued very much the very comprehensive memorandum that you submitted to the Committee in advance. The memorandum submitted by the Minister is available to the press, ILA 53. May I compliment you, Minister, on the thoroughness of the memorandum. We do not often compliment ministers on anything in this Committee, which gives us a poor reputation! Minister, may I welcome you for the third time and open the questioning by saying that we have had some very interesting evidence given to the Committee from a whole range of people; both large and small providers; we also had Capita in last week and they are coming back. Although the memorandum was very persuasive and very interesting, one of the things that does not come out, and this is a problem for a select committee, a lot of the early decisions on this whole process were made by colleagues who had your job before you and they have moved on to different departments; indeed, some of them are no longer in the ministerial team. How much of a conversation did you, as an incoming minister responsible for ILAs, have with the ministers who were responsible before you?

  (John Healey) Chairman, if I may, could I just make one or two opening comments if you do not mind?

  519. Absolutely. No-one indicated to me you wanted to make an opening statement.
  (John Healey) That is probably my oversight, because I did not indicate to anybody else that I wanted to do that.

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Prepared 17 April 2002