Select Committee on Education and Skills Third Report


Memorandum from the Department for Education and Skills (ILA 17)Ev 1
Memorandum from the Association of Computer Trainers (ILA 13)Ev 13
Memorandum from Hairnet (ILA 10)Ev 26
Memorandum from Roger Tuckett (ILA 09)Ev 29
Memorandum from Usdaw (ILA 23)Ev 46
Memorandum from Trades Union Congress (ILA 22)Ev 47
Memorandum from National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (ILA 12) Ev 55
Memorandum from Association of Colleges (ILA 24)Ev 62
Further memorandum from Association of Colleges (ILA 25)Ev 64
Memorandum from Stuart Ingleson, Principal of Preston College (ILA 33)Ev 65
Memorandum from Ipswich ITeC (ILA 28)Ev 74
Memorandum from Learning and Skills Council (ILA 31)Ev 79
Supplementary memorandum from Mr Geoff Hall (ILA 61)Ev 91
Memorandum from Capita (ILA 38)Ev 92
Memorandum from Mr John Healey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Adult Skills (ILA 53)Ev 114
Supplementary letter from John Healey MP (ILA 63)Ev 136
Supplementary memorandum from Capita (ILA 64)Ev 151

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 1 May 2002