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Memorandum from Hank Roberts, Brent Teachers Association (NHMCI 01)

  I write in response to your letter of 18 March 2002. I note the Government baldly states, "We have at present no plans to commission an external evaluation of Ofsted's methodology."

  No reasons, and certainly no valid reasons, appear to be given for rejecting your committee's conclusion based on consideration of the submission of Professor Carole Fitz Gibbon and eminent professors[1] namely that you would "welcome stringent external evaluation of the soundness of Ofsted's methods.

  With significant expenditure of public funds and such eminent concern expressed as to the basic soundness (fairness validity and reliability) of the whole process one would have thought that the Government would have supported such an evaluation being conducted. This would either prove the correctness of the system and thus remove concerns or alternatively of course, the eminent professors might be right in their concerns and the whole exercise be a costly and invalid one, and better and possibly even more cheaply done by a different system.

  As regards the appointment of HMCI I would suggest that:

    (1)  the proximity in time of having been an actual classroom teacher or at least having done regular classroom teaching should be a factor taken into consideration.

    (2)  That at least one representative of the teaching unions or at least the GTC should be on the appointments panel.

Hank Roberts

Brent Teachers Association Secretary and NUT Executive member

Brent ATL Secretary

April 2002




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Prepared 2 July 2002