Select Committee on Education and Skills Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by UCET (NHMCI 04)



  UCET has no quarrel in principle with a process of public advertisement followed by strict adherence to Civil Service Commission appointment procedures. However, in the longer term we would argue for careful consultation with those most affected by inspection before the Chief Inspector's role is specified and advertised.


  UCET's view is that inspection of teacher education and training in England, through its obsession with compliance and control, misses the important point that, in the end, improvements in quality can only be brought about by the people directly involved: the tutors and the students. Outside agencies such as OFSTED can, of course, help, but they need to be clear that this is their role. OFSTED has much to learn from arrangements in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales where there is much more emphasis on partnership and support. It is probably no accident that these countries do not have such a tight and mechanistic link between quality grades and funding as that operated by the TTA, a system which urgently needs modifying.

Mary J Russell


April 2002


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Prepared 2 July 2002