Select Committee on Education and Skills Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

  In the OFSTED report on Shropshire LEA, it was stated that "progress on measures to combat racism in schools had been slow" (paragraph 162 of that report).

  In the report on Slough, OFSTED commented that "in schools the LEA has been slow to formalise the procedures for reporting and monitoring racial incidents" (paragraph 147). That report also found that guidance and measures to combat racism "are comprehensively and clearly stated".

  In the report on Cumbria LEA, inspectors found the LEA to have "been slow to respond to the Macpherson report into the death of Stephen Lawrence." (paragraph 165).

  In the report on Darlington LEA, support to schools from the LEA for combating racism is reported as "unsatisfactory". It has a sound range of policies on measures it intends to take to combat racism, but "has been slow to put sufficiently clear practices and procedures into place" (paragraph 137).

  In Hillingdon, the report comments that while "the LEA has strengths in its relations with particular ethnic groups ... there is no strong leadership or systematic monitoring of issues related to race relations" (paragraph 157). This topic was the subject of a recommendation in that report.

  In Warrington the LEA is making a sound response to the Macpherson report overall. However, an initiative to oppose racial harassment is "only just beginning to gain the high profile in schools that it merits and the practices is espouses are not sufficiently well embedded in the practice of all schools" (paragraph 114).

  The report on West Berkshire LEA comments that the response to the Macpherson report "has been sound in principle, but slow in practice" (paragraph 149).

  The report on Bracknell Forest LEA states that the LEA was initially slow to respond to the Macpherson report, but that there has been recent rapid progress. However, "recent measures have not yet impacted on schools" (paragraph 184).

  The report on Stockport LEA comments that the council has been "slow to combat racism ... [but] recently has accelerated its efforts" (paragraph 142).

  The report on Peterborough LEA comments that the "LEA has been slow to take decisive action to monitor and combat racism where it does occur" (paragraph 167).

  The report on East Riding of Yorkshire LEA—which has a generally satisfactory comment on combating racism—finds that there is currently no training for staff on handling racist incidents (paragraph 157). The need for training is the subject of a recommendation in the report.

  The report on Havering LEA states that although the effectiveness of measures to combat racism is improving, the provision and impact of the measures taken are unsatisfactory (paragraph 145).

  The report on Wokingham LEA, while finding provision for combating racism is now satisfactory, states that its impact at the time of the inspection was "limited" (paragraph 154).

  In Reading, the report comments that the LEA has made a comprehensive response to the Macpherson report. However, only two schools visited currently record racist incidents, and that none report them to the LEA (paragraph 155).

  In Sutton, while support to schools is helping combat social exclusion and racism is satisfactory, it was found that racist incidents were not yet being consistently recorded and reported. (paragraph 162).

  In Wakefield, the report found that while the LEA was making a satisfactory contribution to combating racism, the development of policies to meet recommendations of the Macpherson report had been slow (paragraph 125).

  The report on North East Lincolnshire LEA commented that the LEA's approach to social exclusion, including its response to the Macpherson report, was "not coherent enough to be effective" (paragraph 140).

  The report on Essex Lea found that measures to combat racism, although improving are insufficiently developed. The report also comments that guidance on harassment and racist incidents, produced in the mid-1980s, has not been followed (paragraph 150).

  In the return inspection of Rotherham LEA, the report found that the council was "rather belatedly" taking seriously the Macpherson report's recommendations (paragraph 143).

  In the return inspection of Leicester City LEA, the report found that while progress had been made on race equality issues, "there was much still to do". The inspection had found that there was no system in pace to record racist incidents (paragraph 144).


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