Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum from the UK Youth Parliament (UKY 01)

Question 3

  It was highly unlikely that any of the MYPs are aware of Education Action Zones—we only learnt of them through the LGA earlier this year! We do not target specific areas for "recruitment" to the UKYP. Instead it is our policy that any young person between the ages of 11 and 18 inclusive has the right to stand for election to the UKYP and the right to a vote. It is also our policy to work primarily through the local youth services to co-ordinate UKYP elections—this way we can work across LEAs to reach young people not just in full-time education, but those who may be 16 and in full-time work, young carers, etc.

  We know from our internal monitoring that young people who have been in care, are young carers, have disabilities, been in trouble with the police, etc are being elected. However, we are conscious that we need to do an awful lot more to raise our profile—locally, regionally and nationally. The young people are fantastic advocates for the UKYP, but unfortunately our biggest problem is finance. We received just 110,000 from the Government in 2002-03 to enable us to work with every young person across the whole of the UK. This is in contrast to "Young Voice" in Wales, who have been given an operating budget of 283,000 to work solely in Wales in 2002-03 from the Welsh Assembly! We are also struggling to obtain private sponsorship because of the "political" nature of the organisation, and the associations made by corporate bodies of the "sleaze" factor.

  Having said this many LEAs are doing a fantastic job locally to ensure that young people are aware of the UKYP and their right to be heard. Kent, Sussex and Norfolk all enabled over 4,000 young people in each area to vote at the last UKYP elections, and are already putting plans in place to increase these numbers next year!

Question 10

  In October 2001, MYPs came together from the UKYP's Law & Society, and Health Select Committees to provide written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Drugs. We were the only youth organisation to present evidence to the Committee solely from a young person's perspective.

  Unfortunately, the MYPs were not invited to appear in front of the Select Committee to discuss their report, but a copy is enclosed for your members' information.

  The issue was also referred to in the UKYP's 1st Youth Manifesto, under Health on P14, Law & Society on P16 and UK & International Matters on P14—reflecting the diverse areas in which drugs impact on young people's lives.

  I hope the enclosed[3] is of use to you, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.

  On another issue, the UKYP will be holding its second national sitting between Monday 15 and Thursday 18 July 2002 at Leicester University. Every MP has been sent an open invitation to attend, however, the Committee may like to consider receiving further evidence from the MYPs following the sitting to get an over-view of the key issues from the 2nd Youth Manifesto and the proposed areas for action which will be followed up by the MYPs. I realise that the Committee's diary is fairly busy—so thought I would raise this issue now in order that a date may be considered before Christmas?!


UK Youth Parliament

June 2002


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