Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum from Mr Stuart Ingleson, Principal, Preston College (ILA 33)


    Large tertiary college serving Central Lancashire and beyond.

    2000-01 41,500 students

    1,500 staff

    £29 million turnover

  2.  ILAS


    4,800 enrolments by c.4000 people

    Completion 84% Achievement 73%


      —  Great idea—accessibility to learning at low financial risk

      —  Administrative complexity, changes and training need for staff

      —  Web based administration a shambles

      —  Economies of scale


      —  Systems need to ensure attendance more than once

      —  Accredited providers - funding through LSC?

      —  On line application at point of contact with provider

      —  Replace part of the funding system, don't add new elements


          —  use ESF Co-financing model with indicative targets

          —  clarify types/lists of eligible courses and use fee remission and capped target           numbers

          —  fully fund dedicated work place training

    —  Messages for government

        —  "Don't make it up/change the rules as you go along"

        —  "Don't overload the idea with unrealistic expectation"

Stuart Ingleson

February 2002

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Prepared 19 March 2002