Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Proceedings Report


18 July 2002

Mr Harold Best declared that he was a member of CND. He also declared that between 28 March 1999 and 29 April 2000 he received complimentary tickets from the Rugby Football League for four matches in which Leeds Rugby Club were playing.

22 November 2002

Mr Gregory Barker declared an interest in a remunerated directorship of Flare View Ltd, an investment property company which he also holds registerable shareholdings in. He also declared that he owned freehold commercial property in East Anglia, from which he receives rental income; and several miscellaneous and unremunerated interests: his wife, Celest Barker is a shareholder in a family owned business, Charles Wells Ltd (Brewery).

17 October 2002

Mr Colin Challen declared occasional income from writing. He also declared that he was a Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel, payments of which are sent directly to his constituency party.

18 July 2002

Sue Doughty declared an interest as joint director of Orchard-Doughty Associates Ltd; a company jointly owned by herself and her husband, David Orchard, and from which she received earnings from prior to the General Election 2002. Any possible earnings are now received by David Orchard. She also declared that she has registerable shareholdings in Orchard-Doughty Associates Ltd.

Mark Francois declared that he owned residential property in Basildon, which is rented to a tenant.

Neil Gerrard declared an interest as a Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel and from which he earns between £1 and £1,000. He also declared that he was a Member of the Commission of Inquiry; the Commission had received more that £1000 from Mr A Qattan from the Council of Arab Ambassadors. He also declared several overseas visits; 28-31 May 2000 to Kosovo, paid for by the British Refugee Council. (Registered 12 July 2000); 1-10 September 2000, to West Bank, Gaza, Amman, Damascus and Beirut as a member of the Commission of Inquiry into Palestinian refugees. Travel and expenses paid for by the Commission of Inquiry. Hotel accommodation in Amman, Damascus and Beirut paid for by the Meridien Hotel Group. (Registered 23 October 2000). Mr Gerrard also declared several miscellaneous and unremunerated interests: Member of Board, Theatre Royal, Stratford, East London; Member of Board of Trustees, Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme; and Member of Board of Trustees, European Public Health Foundation

Mr John Horam declared an interest in remunerated directorships: Commodities Research Unit International Ltd., and Commodities Research Unit Publishing Ltd.; publishing companies which he helped found 28 years ago.

Mr Tim Loughton declared an interest as Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel and as a member of MORI Parliamentary Panel; all fees from opinion panels are donated to charity. He also declared he received a fee from the Shareholder Investor Advisory Panel, which was directly paid to his constituency office; occasional fees from lectures; and occasional rental income from residential property owned by himself.

Mr Michael Meacher declared that he let flats in London. He also declared that he had received hospitality from Barclay's at Wimbledon's Men's Final on 9 July 2000.

Mr Ian Lucas declared that he was an unpaid consultant for Stevens Lucas solicitors, Oswestry and that the present partners of this firm were purchasing his interest in it. He also declared that he was formerly a non-executive director of Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District Hospital (resigned May 2001); a share of royalties received re: 'The Bodyguard's Story' by Trevor Rees-Jones published by Little Brown and Company; and his constituency Labour Party (Wrexham) has a constituency development agreement with the R.M.T union who also made a donation to his election campaign.

Mr Malcolm Savidge declared an overseas visit from 11-13 July 2000, to Washington DC, under the auspices of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Security and Non-proliferation, to meet Members of Congress, the National Security Council and the Administration to discuss the proposed US National Missile Defence and CTBT ratification and related matters. Flights and hotel costs paid for by the W Alton Jones Foundation of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. (Registered 11 August 2000).

Mr Mark Simmonds declared that he was Chairman of Mortlock Simmonds, a Chartered Surveyors.

Mr Simon Thomas declared occasional income from broadcasting/media which is donated to charity; and a member of Political Opinion Panel of Business Planning and Research International, the income of which is given to charity or his local branch of the Plaid Cymru Party. He also declared miscellaneous and unremunerated interests: Parliamentary Adviser to Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (National Association of Teachers).

Joan Walley declared that she is a Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel, the fees of which are donated to charity. She also declared the loan of a fax machine from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, commencing August 1999; she is participating as an employer in the Department of Employment's New Deal Programme and accepted a New Deal placement on 21 February 2000 (the trainee is in direct receipt of training subsidy from the DoE and a New Deal payment to employers is paid in full towards the trainee's earnings); an overseas visit on 8 March 2000, to Duisburg, Germany, to be briefed on urban regeneration policies which was organised by English Heritage who paid for her air fare to Dusseldorf. (Registered 13 March 2000); and rental income from property in Staffordshire Moorlands.

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Prepared 15 January 2003