Select Committee on Environmental Audit Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter and memorandum to the Clerk of the Committee from the Construction Products Association (CPA)

  With reference to the Environmental Audit Committee's Sustainable Energy Inquiry, please find attached Construction Products Association's position on the UK Energy Policy review (hard copy has also been sent by post). This follows the PIU's recommendations to government to improve the long-term objectives of UK Energy Policy.

  We welcome the PIU's report, which provides an analysis of current policies and future demand with recommendations to improve efficiency in both energy supply and demand. However, the Report falls short of setting specific targets to implement energy efficiency strategies, particularly in existing stock.

  In summary, the Association would like to see Government action in the following key areas:

    —  Adopt strong and consistent policies to encourage competitive, diverse, reliable and secure energy supply market.

    —  No further imposition of unnecessary regulatory/fiscal burdens.

    —  Encourage and facilitate use of alternative fuels.

    —  Provide incentives for development and implementation of energy efficient products and technologies.

    —  Lead by example in setting energy efficiency as a priority in its own construction performance.

    —  Co-ordinate government thinking on energy issues through the proposed Sustainable Energy Policy Unit.

March 2002

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Prepared 22 July 2002