Select Committee on Environmental Audit Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from Sharon Wroe, HCDC Liaison Officer at the Ministry of Defence

  I am replying to your letter of 24 May concering planning applications for wind generation projects.

  I should make it clear at the outset that the MOD's Defence Estates organisation does not usually at any point deal with planning applications. The normal process is for individual companies to submit a planning proposal to MOD Defence Estates in the earliest stages, allowing the company to gain information about whether any objection will be raised, without the cost of submitting a planning application.

    (a)  MOD has objected to one planning application for a windfarm—the name of the site was Hirrdywell in Wales. I am able to provide details of planning proposals which MOD has objected to—these are attached at Annex A.[48]

    (b)  Since MOD sees all applications at the proposal stage, rather than at planning application, we only hold records of proposals to which no objection has been raised—these are attached at Annex B.[49]

    (c)  The criteria used by MOD for deciding whether to lodge an objection to a wind planning application varies from site to site as each proposal is scrutinised by a number of technical experts each with their own specialism including Airfield Radar, Air Defence Radar, Met Office Radar, Low Flying and Communications Links. Any objection from any one of these will normally result in an objection raised by Defence Estates on behalf of the MOD.

    (d)  The capacity details are not recorded centrally.

June 2002

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Prepared 22 July 2002