Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


  Using a logo will help bring together a wide range of Summit related activities by a variety of groups. Whilst we cannot force other groups to adopt a "brand", being part of a government endorsed campaign has some attractions. Whilst we would want to encourage as many organisations as possible (including business) we would also need to ensure that any project/campaign/event using the logo was in keeping with our overall objectives.

  Having considered a number of options, we have concluded that the most effective and least complex way forward would be to adopt the UN Summit logo (see attached) in conjunction with our own sustainable development logo. The UN have confirmed that they are happy for us to use the logo in this way.

  The conditions will generally be along the lines that it can be used for informational purposes without seeking specific permission, provided the aims and purposes for its use are in keeping with those of the Summit. Specific permission would need to be sought from the UN if people wanted to use it for fundraising or commercial purposes. We will draw up clear guidelines.

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Prepared 25 April 2002