Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


  We propose to use the Sustainable Development website as a key means of disseminating information. In addition to making it more attractive, our current proposals include:

    —  List of projects related to WSSD—this will include details of project, contact details (e-mail) and any relevant website address. Whilst this will not be a definitive list it should help groups/individuals to see what is already happening and how they can either join in or avoid duplication.

    —  List of events—as before this will include contact details, website address and will not claim to be definitive. As well as informing interested groups/individuals it should also address the problem of "bunching" of conferences, seminars etc and possible overkill (example attached).

    —  List of contacts—this should be a simple list giving the name, address, e-mail contact, relevant website link. Again it will not be definitive but will be a useful source of information for those looking to get involved in WSSD.

  By working with a wide range of partners and ensuring that they have reciprocal links to the Sustainable Development website we should reach a broad range of groups and individuals.

  We will need to draw up some criteria for who and what is included and will need to include a "disclaimer".

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Prepared 25 April 2002