Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex C


  Once Ministers have approved the communications strategy, we propose to consult and liaise with a broader group which will include representatives from those Departments with a direct interest, local authorities, NGOs and others. We have discussed some of our ideas with them informally and the response has been extremely positive.

  Aims of the group could include:

    —  to identify relevant events already in the pipeline (scope for Ministerial (or high level official) involvement etc);

    —  to identify relevant campaigns already planned/happening;

    —  to identify other relevant organisations/groups who should be engaged;

    —  to identify any additional key "players" with a known interest (of interest to particular groups);

    —  to set out what direct involvement they are proposing to have in WSSD—if any;

    —  to identify any possible partnerships/links not already established;

    —  to consider what sort of promotional material is needed for WSSD; and

    —  to consider other ways in which we can promote UK domestic activity to the international audience.

  We propose to carry out most of the correspondence by e-mail and are seeking suggestions as to who should be invited from OGDs.

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Prepared 25 April 2002