Select Committee on Environmental Audit Third Report

Reports from the Environmental Audit Committee since 1997

1997-98 Session
FirstThe Pre-Budget Report, HC 547
SecondThe Greening Government Initiative, HC 517
ThirdThe Pre-Budget Report: Government response and follow-up, HC 985
FourthClimate Change: UK Emission Reduction Targets and Audit Arrangements, HC 899
1998-99 Session
FirstThe Multilateral Agreement on Investment, HC 58
SecondClimate Change: Government response and follow-up, HC 88
ThirdThe Comprehensive Spending Review and Public Service Agreements, HC 92
FourthThe Pre-Budget Report 1998, HC 93
FifthGMOs and the Environment: Coordination of Government Policy, HC 384
SixthThe Greening Government Initiative 1999, HC 426
SeventhEnergy Efficiency, HC 159
EighthThe Budget 1999: Environmental Implications, HC 326
1999-2000 Session
FirstEU Policy and the Environment: An Agenda for the Helsinki Summit, HC 44
SecondWorld Trade and Sustainable Development: An Agenda for the Seattle Summit, HC 45 (Including the Government response to the First Report 1998-99: Multilateral Agreement on Investment, HC 58)
ThirdComprehensive Spending Review: Government response and follow-up, HC 233
FourthThe Pre-Budget Report 1999: pesticides, aggregates and the Climate Change Levy, HC 76
FifthThe Greening Government Initiative: first annual report from the Green Ministers Committee 1998/99, HC 341
SixthBudget 2000 and the Environment etc., HC 404
SeventhWater Prices and the Environment, HC 597
2000-01 Session
FirstEnvironmental Audit: the first Parliament, HC 67
SecondThe Pre-Budget Report 2000: fuelling the debate, HC 71
2001-02 Session
FirstDepartmental Responsibilities for Sustainable Development, HC 326
SecondPre-Budget Report 2001: A New Agenda?, HC 363
ThirdUK Preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, HC 616

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Prepared 26 March 2002