Select Committee on Environmental Audit Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 2


  To Government Stakeholder Pension Review sent 31 October 1997 to John Nightingale Esq of Government Pension Review Office further to previous communications with John Oliver of same department. No response.

  To Peter Askins of Pension Review Team sent 16 November 1998 in response to Government Pension Regulation consultation and to invite participation in forthcoming March 99 ET Conference. Reply of 19 November concluded the material was "outside the competence" of the review process.

  To the Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP Minister for the Environment 29 January 1999 to inform of earlier efforts and to invite participation in March 99 ET Conference. Reply of 25 February 1999 by Mr Meacher showed genuine interest, expressed the wish to be kept in touch with our progress and arranged for one of his officials, Emily Hay, to attend.

  Prior to these Government submissions the EIO had previously approached a range of Environmental NGO's, notably Greenpeace International in 1994/5 where a lengthy and documented exploratory process was undergone. Greenpeace subsequently declined to champion the concept, but in the meantime forwarded the EIO's proposals to Sustainability Ltd.

    One particular component of the Environmental Tracking Mechanism, namely the ranking of the FTSE 100, was separated out from the investment mechanism and subsequently appeared in the guise of the BIE ICEE(Index of Corporate Environmental Engagement) in Autumn 1996. Subsequent efforts during the course of meetings held at the LSE in 1998 to reintegrate the ICEE with the original Environmental Tracking Mechanism in advance of the March 99 conference failed to progress.

  The number of other involved organisations we have contacted at different times is too numerous to list here but some of the better known groups in addition to those already mentioned in this document include, ACCA, The BODY SHOP, ELF, FORUM FOR THE FUTURE, GREENPEACE UK, THE LORD MAYORS OFFICE, NAPF, SOLAR CENTURY, UKSIF, USS and numerous other investment, pension and legal organisations.

  In addition to our participation in the UNED STAKEHOLDER FORUM process already mentioned we have also made approaches about participating in the UNEP FINANCE INITIATIVE (UNEP FI) based in Geneva. However, there is currently a significant financial hurdle involved in the annual membership of this forum which currently prevents us from doing so.

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