Select Committee on Environmental Audit Minutes of Evidence

Annex A2


Model framework for greening Government Operations—published 1997 (Revised March 1999 (http://defraweb/environment/greening/conserve/conserve.htm))

  Note:  DEFRA is currently developing a new Framework for Sustainable Development on the Government Estate that will be rolled out during 2002 and cover key operational areas such as estates management and procurement. It is expected to cover the Government's policy on the procurement of timber and timber products, including recent moves to tighten up Government contracts and recommendations arising from reports by the Sustainable Procurement Group and the consultants undertaking the timber scoping study—subject to Ministers approval.

  7 (d) Wood:

    —  To purchase sustainably produced timber and timber products (such as joinery, fittings, furniture and veneers) by, for example, specifying in orders and contracts that suppliers provide documentary evidence (which has been, or if necessary can be, independently verified) that the timber has been lawfully obtained from forests and plantations which are managed to sustain their biodiversity, productivity and vitality, and to prevent harm to other ecosystems and any indigenous or forest-dependent people.

  Note:  Such evidence might take the form of a certificate issued under a credible, preferably independent, verification scheme; or other documents which demonstrate the operation of an environmental management system incorporating forest management criteria that conform with internationally recognised principles such as the Helsinki Guidelines. (More information on these and other options available can be found in DETR's Green Guide for Buyers.)

    —  To ensure that timber procurements are in accordance with international agreements such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

    —  To consider buying reclaimed timber or products made from reclaimed timber where it is cost effective and practicable to do so.

    —  To put in place procedures for monitoring their timber procurement policies, exchanging information and examples of best practice with other Government Departments and Agencies.

  2.  Further guidance was given in the Green Guide for Buyers available on the Greening Government web site—see Annex B.


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