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Annex G






Timber and products containing wood supplied under the contract


The Contractor shall ensure that no timber or wood contained in any product supplied to the Authority shall have derived from any species of tree that is protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) unless the Contractor can prove, by producing official documentation, that he has complied with the CITES requirements that permit trading in the particular species of tree so listed under that Convention.

  All timber and wood, other than recycled timber and wood, supplied to the Authority shall derive from trees or other plants that have been harvested and exported in strict accordance with the applicable law or laws of the country in which the trees or other plants grew. The supplier shall obtain documentary evidence to prove such legality and to prove that the evidence does in fact match the products supplied by establishing a chain of custody from the source of the timber and wood through to delivery of the final product.

  The Contractor is required to supply timber and wood that derive from trees or plants that were grown in forests or plantations that were managed to (a) sustain their biodiversity, productivity and vitality and (b) to prevent harm to other ecosystems and any indigenous forest-dependent people. The Contractor shall obtain documentary evidence to demonstrate that this requirement has been met.

  It is the Contractor's responsibility to produce documentary evidence, in respect of these requirements, that will enable the Authority to verify the authenticity and credibility of the claims being made. The Contractor shall obtain independent verification of the claims being made and shall meet the full costs involved in so doing. In this context "independent" means a body or organisation that is accepted by the Authority as having the competence and capacity to provide an objective assessment of the evidence presented and as having no interests that would conflict with their duty to provide impartial advice. One way in which the Authority will accept that the Contractor has met his obligations in proving the source of his timber and wood products is if those products are certified, by properly accredited organisations, as meeting the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council or such other standards set by such other bodies as are listed in the Contract Specification.

PFI Schemes

  It is recommended that for PFI schemes that involve long contract periods the following clause should be added:

  The preceding clauses numbered ........implement Government policy that was current at [insert date of original agreement]. For specifications that are created at a later date or dates in accordance with the contract programme the Contractor shall supply timber and products containing wood in accordance with such Government policy as is in operation at that later date or dates. Before the commencement of each stage of the contract programme the Authority shall supply the contractor with details of the policy in operation at that time.


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Prepared 17 July 2002