Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Proceedings Report




Members present:

Mr David BorrowMr Patrick Hall
Mr Stephen O'BrienMr Paul Stinchcombe
Mr David BurnsideMr Andrew Hunter
Mr Bill OlnerMr David Taylor
Mr David CurryMr David Lepper
Diana OrganMr Mark Todd
Mr David DrewMr Eric Martlew
Phil Sawford

The Committee deliberated.

Members disclosed their pecuniary interests pursuant to the Resolution of the House of 13 July 1992. For details of the declarations see Annex, p.47 (attached).

Mr David Curry was called to the Chair.

Mr Andrew Hunter declared an interest as a member of the National Farmers' Union and of the Countryside Alliance.

Mr David Curry declared an interest as having his home insured by NFU Mutual.

Mr Eric Martlew declared an interest as a member of a Nestlé pension fund.

Mr Stephen O'Brien declared an interest as a member of a Redland Aggregates pension fund.

Ordered, That Strangers be admitted during the examination of witnesses unless the Committee decides otherwise.—(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That the Committee will not normally deal with individual cases.—(The Chairman.)

  [Adjourned to a day and time to be fixed by the Chairman.

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Prepared 3 February 2003