Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Proceedings Report


Members present:

Mr David Curry, in the Chair

Mr Colin BreedDavid Taylor
Diana OrganMr David Lepper
Mr David DrewPaddy Tipping
Phil SawfordMr Austin Mitchell
Mr Michael JackMr Mark Todd

The Committee deliberated.

Ordered, That the inquiry into Horticulture Research International have the following Orders of Reference: "To inquire into the structure, management and performance of Horticulture Research International (HRI). In particular the inquiry will review the extent to which HRI has addressed the concerns and met the recommendations in the Agriculture Committee's Fourth Report of Session 2000-01 (HC 53) and its Seventh Report of Session 1999-2000 (HC 484), both of which were titled 'Horticulture Research International'; examine progress made by HRI in implementing its restructuring programme, and in taking forward commercial revenue-raising activities; examine the effect of adopting its mission, Corporate aim and objectives and its Corporate plan; assess, from the perspective of the horticulture industry, the current contribution of HRI; evaluate the effectiveness of scrutiny of HRI by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and HRI's Non-Executive Board of Directors; and evaluate the implications for the future of HRI of the report of the Quinquennial Review, published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 23 September 2002.".—(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That Mr Michael Jack and Mr Mark Todd do visit Wellesbourne in relation to their inquiry into Horticulture Research International in a representative capacity.—(The Chairman.)

The Committee further deliberated.

Water Framework Directive: Mr Patrick Murphy, Head of Unit (Water, the Marine and Soil), DG Environment, European Commission, was examined.

  [Adjourned till Wednesday 30 October at Ten o'clock.


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Prepared 3 February 2003