Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Charts submitted by Professor David King, Chief Scientific Adviser, Office of Science and Technology (Continued)


    —  At the start Government were dealing with the disease as if it were the 1967 outbreak.

    —  British farming has changed dramatically since then:

      —  more intense farming;

      —  more widely spread holdings;

      —  more animal movements.

    —  Quantitive epidemiology has been able to provide a scientific basis for decision making during the epidemic.


    —  To get back FMD disease free status, the UK will have to prove to the EU and the international community that it has stamped out the virus.

    —  Will do this by planned sampling of animals for presence of FMD antibodies.

    —  Increased serological capacity has allowed use of testing to free up infected areas faster than originally anticipated—could speed up process of regaining FMD status.

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Prepared 23 January 2002