Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum submitted by the Royal Agricultural College (A 32)

  The Royal Agricultural College agrees with the points contained in the submission from the Institute of Agricultural Management and would further add:

    (1)  Our experience over the last five years, with both the undergraduates and post graduate students demonstrates the integral change in demand from the farmer to better understand the day to day activity of the food chain.

    (2)  The College is conscious of the importance of retaining the unique craft skills of stockmen, engineers, arable and estate workers without whom farming cannot survive.

    (3)  We are equally conscious of the demands of the business world of the full understanding of how the food chain works. This is of importance to the future farm business.

    (4)  The structure of European and UK agriculture will change. We have an important role to play in guaranteeing the appropriate trained personnel are available to meet this requirement. We are proud to play our part.

  A review of the College education programmes shows the expanding relations we enjoy with senior businesses in the country. We have to make sure we react to market change and supply the personnel that are wanted. As a College we are committed to this in our undergraduate and especially our industry-based postgraduate work.

Royal Agricultural College

14 December 2001

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Prepared 19 March 2002