Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Further supplementary memorandum submitted by Sustain (A8(b))


Arid Lands Initiative

Association of Public Analysts

Association of School Health

Eduction of School Health

Education Co-ordinators

Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers

Baby Milk Action

Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association

British Association for the Study of Community

British Dental Association

British Dietetic Association

British Heart Foundation Health

Promotion Research Group

Butterfly Conservation

Campaign for Real Ale

Caroline Walker Trust

Catholic Institute for International Relations

Centre for Food Policy

Child Poverty Action Group

Children's Society

Common Ground

Commonwork Land Trust

Community Nutrition Group

Compassion in World Farming

Consensus Action on Salt and Hypertension

Council for the Protection of Rural England

Design & Technology Association

Diabetes UK

East Anglia Food Link

Ecological Foundation


Elm Farm Research Centre

Family Farmers' Association

Farm Retail Association

Farmers Link

Federation of City Farms and Community

Food Additives Campaign Team

Food Commission

Foundation for Local Food Initiatives

Friends of the Earth

Gaia Foundation

Genetics Forum

GMB (Britain's General Union)

Green Network

Guild of Food Writers

HDRA—The Organic Organisation

Health Education Trust

HUSH: The UK E.Coli Support Group

Hyperactive Children's Support Group

Institute of Consumer Sciences

Institute of European Environmental Policy,

International Institute for Environment &

International Society for Ecology and Culture

Land Heritage

The Land is Ours

Local Authorities Co-ordinating Body on Food
  and Trading Standards (LACOTS)

McCarrison Society

National Consumer Federation

National Council of Women

National Oral Health Promotion Group

National Farmers' Union

National Federation of Women's Institutes

New Economics Foundation

Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke

Oral Health Promotion Research Group

Permaculture Association

Pesticides Action Network—UK


Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Rural Agricultural and Allied Workers' Union


Society of Health Education and Health Promotion Specialists

Soil Association


Vegetarian Society

World-Wide Opportunities on Organis Farms

Women's Environmental Network

Women's Food and Farming Union

World Cancer Research Fund


Agricultural Christian Fellowship

Allergy Alliance

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Christian Aid

Consumer's Association

Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians

Food Foundation

Health Development Agency

Intermediate Technology Department Group

Institute of Food Research

Maternity Alliance

National Consumer Council

National Heart Forum

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Scottish Consumer Council

Socialst Health Association

UK Food Group

UK Public Health Association

Vega Research

Welsh Consumer Council

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife Trust

Worldwide Fund for Nature

*Brundtland = This is shorthand for the definition outlined in the World Commission on environment and Development (chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland) report of 1987.

*Eating Oil: Food Supply in a changing climate, Sustain 2001.



  I have sent two copies of this report to the Clerk of the Committee. It covers many issues of relevance including the need to consider the resilience/security of our food supply and how we should look at shortening the food chain.

24 April 2002


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Prepared 30 May 2002