Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


  24 November 2000—letter from Dixons Chief Executive John Clare to Michael Meacher.

  Reply from Lord Whitty dated 21 December 2000.

  10 August 2001—letter to Mr Meacher from Dixons CEO, John Clare.

  Reply from Chris Megainey dated 7 September 2001.

  18 September—letter from Dixons Deputy Chairman, Mark Souhami to Brian Bender, Permanent Secretary, DEFRA.

  Reply from Mr Bender 5 October 2001.

  19 October 2001—letters from John Clare to Margaret Beckett following publication of the Statutory Instrument, seeking delay in implementation of ODS regulation until provision of extraction facilities can be secured. [Acknowledged by postcard from Ministers office but no reply received].

  19 October 2001—letter from John Clare to Nick Raynsford seeking support for local authorities to enable them to receive waste refrigeration and maintain a cost free disposal route.

  Reply from Alan Whitehead dated 26 November 2001 indicating provision of additional funds.

  23 November 2001—letter from John Clare to Michael Meacher seeking clarification of his parliamentary answer of 21 November 2001 indicating that disposal facilities may be on line by the Spring [no reply received].

  19 December 2001—letter sent by Dixons to Nigel Griffiths MP indicating actions that Dixons Group could undertake to restart take-back were Government to delay implementation of ODS regulations.

  17 December 2001—letter sent by Dixons Deputy Chairman to Brian Bender CB seeking more rapid moves to solution.

  22 January 2002—Further letter from Dixons Deputy Chairman to Mr Bender seeking response to earlier letter and assuring him of willingness of retailers to restart take-back if able to do so.

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Prepared 18 April 2002