Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence


  After the uncertainty over the past few weeks regarding the export situation we have now come to a decision on our future.

  After thinking long and hard we have no alternative but to cease both collecting scrap from Perivale and trading as we do now.

  The contract at Perivale is a very poor one it very rarely supplies us with goods that we can sell to the Home Market so therefore over the past month or two customers have dwindled along with our trade. It was really only the export market that has kept us afloat this long and with that rapidly changing we have no other options open to us.

  I suppose we could try to carry on, but the overseas customers I have contacted, only a few would consider taking the refrigeration de-gased, and if they do they only want really tidy, clean looking which brings us back to the depot at Perivale being a bad one.

  We do not have the resources to wait to see if the export market will continue the way it has done in the past, since the ruling came in and then ceased and then came in again we have loaded only one container so therefore our financial situation has become badly effected.

  After speaking to our accountant and basically looking at the position we now find ourselves in we feel it is now the time to call it a day before we get into deep financial trouble.

  Later on today we will fax you with the date that we will cease collecting from Perivale and also the date that we will vacate this building.

4 December 2000

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Prepared 18 April 2002