Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 60 - 62)



  60. What about domestic hazardous waste? Where does that fit into this?
  (Ms Hackitt) It is certainly not an issue that I am familiar with. The proportion of domestic hazardous waste I recognise would need to be dealt with in the long term, but in terms of sorting out the vast bulk of the problem, industry and industry producers and disposers are the ones who need to get together.

  61. But you see this as positive and you want to get on with it.
  (Ms Hackitt) Yes.

  62. Thank you very much indeed. There may well be things that we want to come back to you on in due course, because you have been our baptism of fire in getting into this very complex area. We hope as part of our inquiry to go and look at some of the practical aspects of hazardous waste disposal. Equally, if there are things you think we ought to know about in the light of our questioning, do feel free to let us have any supplementary information. I thank all three of you for your kindness in coming to talk to us this afternoon.
  (Ms Hackitt) Thank you for listening. If we can offer any opportunities for you to see real sites which are grappling with this problem, we would be more than happy to arrange such visits for you.

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Prepared 15 July 2002