Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex 2.1

Action taken at individual border inspection posts in the United Kingdom to address deficiencies identified in the report of the mission of October 2001 and requiring rectification by 1 July 2002

  Paragraph numbers in the table refer to the FVO working document: DG(SANCO)/3387/2001—WD Draft.

Northern Ireland

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
1.7 FacilitiesInspection Centre outside Customs area HM Customs have agreed to provide relevant designation 2 July 2002
No separate NHC facilities Belfast Harbour Commission are considering whether to provide new facilities by the 1 October deadline for structural changes
1.9 EquipmentEquipment in the office not the inspection room New storage cupboard installed27 June 2002
1.10 HygieneNo locked place for the storage of disinfectants Stainless steel cupboard in place24 June 2002
1.11 DocumentationIncomplete Deficiencies rectified25 June 2002
1.12 RegistrationRegisters of checked consignments did not include all the information required Registers have been updated to include the information required 10 April 2002
1.13 Selection of consignmentsManifests were not received from all shipping lines. No written evidence that pre-notifications were received All manifests are available and inspected. Pre-notification dealt with by discussions with agents 17 April 2002
1.14 ProceduresFirst part of annex B incomplete Dealt with by discussions with and agreement by agents 17 April 2002
Checks on fishmeal not carried out at BIP Trade in fishmeal has ceased at Belfast BIP 26 June 2002

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
2.7 FacilitiesUse of cage for ambient storage not agreed with customs Use of cage agreed with HM Customs24 June 2002
No locker for protective clothing Locker in place24 June 2002
2.9 EquipmentTechnical equipment incomplete (drills, scales, seals, fridge for samples) All equipment ordered and awaiting delivery
2.10 HygieneNo hot water in hand basin in inspection room Repaired1 January 2002
Cleaning equipment stored in the toilet Storage provided24 June 2002
No dock shelters—facilities not suitable for unpackaged goods All goods at BIA are and have always been packaged. BIA agreed on 24 June 2002 to be delisted for unpackaged goods 24 June 2002
2.11 DocumentationIncomplete Deficiencies rectified25 June 2002
2.12 RegistrationRegisters of checked consignments did not include all the information required Registers have been updated to include the information required 10 April 2002
2.13 Selection of consignmentsPrenotification received after the consignment arrived Dealt with by discussions with agents. Improved procedure introduced 17 April 2002
2.14 ProceduresFirst part of annex B incorrectly completed Dealt with by discussions with agents. Improved procedure introduced 17 April 2002

Great Britain

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
3.7 FacilitiesNo storage for ambient chilled goods Approval restricted to HC-T(FR) 1, 2, 3 frozen, packaged fish/fish products only Letter requesting restriction sent to Commission 3 May 2002

3.10 HygienePeeling paint on unloading room floor Floor repainted7 February 2002
Rust on fence of the unloading bay Rust removed7 February 2002
Exposed wooden shelf in inspection room Shelf repainted7 February 2002
No disinfectant dispenser Dispenser provided7 February 2002
Power washer stands in unloading bay A solid rigid polypropylene container has been constructed to contain the pressure washer and protect the products 14 June 2002
3.11 DocumentationIncomplete Documentation updated and completed28 February 2002
3.12 RegistrationNo establishment of origin or outcome of checks Register increased to include missing information 1 April 2002
3.13 Selection of consignmentsManifests only checked monthly Random checking of manifests now in place at time of arrival 28 February 2002
No list of ships arriving The harbour website is checked daily. Ships arriving from Third Countries, and unknown ships have their manifests checked in advance of arrival. Random checks are done on other ships at two-week intervals From May 2002
harbour website
checked daily
3.14 ProceduresFirst part annex B not correct Importers have been reminded of the need to complete the Annex B correctly 20 June 2002
Consignments of fisheries products from non-approved ships See covering letter
No reduced physical checks Checks are not in line with 94/3607 February 2002
ID checks done on quayside Checks are now done at the BIP20 October 2001

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
4.7 FacilitiesNo NHC facilities—but low throughput derogation could be applied if adequate time separation for cleaning and disinfecting Cleansing and disinfection will henceforth be carried out between NHC and HC consignments. There have been no consignments through the BIP this year 26 June 20024.9 Equipment
Technical equipment not kept at BIPEquipment for examination of consignments now kept in BIP 26 June 2002No copier
Copier (A4 size) provided26 June 2002 No storage for disinfectantsStorage area for cleaning/disinfection chemicals now available
26 June 20024.10 HygieneMaintenance deficiencies damaged floor exposed wood Repairs made to floors and exposed wood surfaces 26 June 2002
Highly incompleteAll instructions, copies of decisions etc now available at the BIP 28 June 2002No register for imported or re-dispatched consignments
Register provided26 June 20024.11 Documentation No cross-checks on manifestsOperator has set up a system of checks on approaching vessels via harbour master
26 June 20024.12 RegistrationFirst part of Annex B incorrectly completed Advisory notes have been drawn up by operator and provided to existing importers/shipping lines and for any new importers 26 June 20024.13 Selection of consignments
Health certificates accepted which three different people had completed Covered in instructions26 June 20024.14 Procedures The fact that samples had been taken not recorded on the CVC
Inspectors will ensure this does not happen in future 26 June 2002Second part of veterinary decision not recorded on CVC Inspectors will ensure this does not happen in future
26 June 2002

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
5.7 FacilitiesNo live animal facilities Bristol Port Company (BPC) have relinquished the Live Animal BIP 19 April 2002
5.9 EquipmentNo fax, no copier, no working ANIMO Fax, copier and working ANIMO in place 1 June 2002
No ph meter, drill or labels PH meter, boring drill and labels in place 1 July 2002
5.10 HygieneNo disinfection fluid dispensers Disinfecting fluid provided 1 June 2002
Cleaning inadequate Cleaning regime instituted1 June 2002
5.11 DocumentationNo documentation in the offices of the inspection centres Documentation provided at current BIP, and at Novacold, Avonmouth 1 June 2002
5.12 RegistrationIncomplete information on live animals No longer applicable
5.13 Selection of consignmentsNo system to identify the arrival of live animals No longer applicableRequest to delist for live animals sent
in letter of
3 May 2002
5.14 ProceduresFirst part Annex B incomplete Importers' agents have been contacted and reminded of the need to complete the Annex B correctly November 2001
One Annex B for two consignments Written instructions amendedNovember 2001
Copies of Health Certificate accepted Staff have been alerted to the need to require original documents: written instructions are being amended November 2001
ID and physical checks on quay There are sheds which can be used to unload containers when necessary, but fully compliant facilities will not be available until the new BIP at Avonmouth is completed later this year. The very low throughput of products of animal origin (two consignments in five years) means that in practice only very few consignments are inspected on the quayside

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
6.7 FacilitiesFacilities shared with customs HM Customs have confirmed that OV has priority of use 14 June 2002

6.9 EquipmentNo sampling containers, no knives, thermometer, drill, microwave, labels or sealing tape Equipment was available in IC at EC visit in secure storage, but will be available in inspection room 23 October 2001

6.10 HygieneDock shelters damaged Shelters repaired14 June 2002
Rusty drainCleaned 23 October 2001
Exposed wooden floors in container used for storage New container is being acquired
No disinfectant dispensers Hand-held dispenser obtained21 June 2002
6.11 DocumentationIncomplete Documentation complete 1 November 2001
6.12 RegistrationRegisters incomplete Register complete1 January 2002
6.13 Selection of consignmentsPre-notifications incomplete Regular briefing of importers verbally and in writing 22 April 2002
6.14 ProceduresConsignments from non-approved vessels accepted See covering letter
ID checks carried out on Albert Dock quay Checks now carried out at inspection centre 14 June 2002
Poorly completed Annex Bs All procedures implemented23 October 2001

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
7.9 EquipmentIC1 no fridge/freezer for samples Fridge obtained14 June 2002
IC2 no technical equipment All technical equipment in place, except for the salt meter, which is expected 15 July 26 June 2002
7.10 HygieneIC1 maintenance deficiencies—exposed wood, rusty rails, damaged floor Maintenance on exposed woodwork and rusting of overhead rails completed. It has been decided to replace the whole floor rather than attempt to repair 1 June 2002
replacement of
floor scheduled
for end of July
IC2 no hot water or light in inspection room Hot water and lighting installed1 June 2002
IC2 no dispenser for disinfecting fluid Hand-held dispenser obtained for toilet 1 June 2002
IC2 no hand basin in changing groom Hand washing basin in toiletAlready in
IC2 unloading area dirty and not well maintained Improved maintenance and cleaning arrangements introduced 1 June 2002
7.11 DocumentationIncomplete Two copies of the compendium now held at the inspection centre 25 June 2002

7.12 RegistrationRegister incomplete All entries now complete 1 November 2001
7.13 Selection of consignmentsPre-notifications not received before arrival and incomplete Protocol circulated to all Agents1 June 2002
7.14 ProceduresFirst part of annex B incomplete Protocol circulated to all Agents1 June 2002
ID checks carried out on the quay All checks carried out at IC 1 November 2001
Physical checks carried out on the quay All checks carried out at IC 1 November 2001
Fish from non-approved vessel accepted See covering letter

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
8.9 EquipmentNHC no thawing equipment Equipment will be purchased when new BIP facilities are built
NHC no fridge for samples Equipment will be purchased when new BIP facilities are built
No working ANIMOANIMO system is working 24 June 2002
8.10 HygieneGenerally poor maintenance rusty parts, unclean walls Revised cleaning and maintenance regimes introduced April 2002
HC no dispenser for disinfecting fluid Dispenser installedApril 2002
NHC material for frozen pet food inspected in HC facility NHC products now inspected in NHC facility October 2001
NHC no dispenser for disinfecting fluid Dispenser installedApril 2002
NHC storage used for inspection purposes Facilities now used only for their correct purpose October 2001
8.11 DocumentationNo documentation in inspection centre office Documentation now availableApril 2002
8.14 ProceduresWhen checks are done at IC consignment documents remain at main office All documents now go to place of inspection April 2002
ID checks, including door open, done away from IC and when seal not required in vet legislation ID checks now done at approved place and "open door" in inspection centre April 2002

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed

9.7 Number of veterinary staffInsufficient for number of consignments and need for presence in two ICs Second OVS now working full time

Additional administrative person to co-ordinate manifest checks
2 April 2002
9.8 FacilitiesIC1 (BA) shared facilities Private company has moved out of office/social area 1 April 2002
IC2 (EuroBIP) no ambient storage Storage now available1 February 2002
IC2 No facilities for NHC products IC2 is not approved for NHC. Therefore NHC facilities are not required N/A
9.9 EquipmentIC1 shared fax with private company Dedicated fax installed1 April 2002
IC2 no copierCopier installed 1 March 2002
IC1 no separation between HC and NHC equipment All inspection rooms are locked and contain their own equipment 1 February 2002
IC1 no drill, deep freezer for HC products There is a freezer in the HC area

A drill has been ordered
April 2002
IC1 no thermometer or deep freeze in NHC Deep freezer with half-room capacity will be installed by 15 August
Thermometer now present
1 June 2002

9.10 HygieneIC1 rejected consignments stored in the unloading room Consignments now stored I dedicated stores

Expansion and further changes to facilities are also under discussion
1 February 2002
IC1 a cupboard in NHC room used to store HC equipment Storage now available in HC room and there is dedicated HC and NHC equipment 1 February 2002
IC1 working clothes stored in inspection room Clothes now stored in changing room1 April 2002
IC2 cleaning not satisfactory including rollerbed Improved cleaning regime introduced, which includes the rollerbed February 2002
IC2 areas of rough surface Smooth coat appliedFebruary 2002
IC2 floor surface upgrade needed Floor surface improvedFebruary 2002
9.11  DocumentationNo basic documentation on the spot in IC1 or IC2 All documentation will be in place when adminstration moves into new offices on 18-19 July
9.12 RegistrationUse of several separate registers Work has begun on a computer database but has not been completed

9.13 Selection of consignmentsVery few manifests checked The majority of BA and Air Canada manifests are checked for products and animals

In addition manifests for airlines with a poor history, and manifests for flights by other airlines from risky countries, are checked
1 February 2002
Pre-notification rules not always respected Correct procedures are now being followed 1 February 2002
9.14 ProceduresDefinition of consignment not respected—1 Annex B for two consignments One Annex B now issued per consignment 1 February 2002
Health certificates with unused options not invalidated Health certificates now rejected if incorrectly completed 1 February 2002
Fisheries products accepted without third country list in the BIP The Food Standards Agency advise that there are no establishment lists for countries on Part II of CD 97/296 N/A
ID checks carried out without health certificates Health certificates and partially completed Annex B now taken to BIP inspection centre 29 April 2002
Second part of Annex B not completed correctly Unused part of Annex B now invalidated 1 February 2002
Rejected consignments not destroyed after 60 days All rejected consignments are now destroyed after 60 days 1 February 2002

Paragraph numberNon-compliance Action takenDate completed
9.7 FacilitiesNo waste facilities (cadaver room) A new waste room has been provided to house the waste wheelie bin. Spare wheelie bins are available on site and one will be placed in the large animal reception yard when needed. Please see plan. 1 February 2002
No useable Small Animal inspection room A new inspection room has been created 25 June 2002
For the fish and reptile facility there was no housing separate from unloading and inspection This facility is only for fish. Reptiles are housed and checked in the main building (No 2)

Fish are not "housed". Fish arrive packed in self-contained oxygenated Poly bags in insulated boxes. These boxes fully protect the welfare of the fish.

If they fail the Vet checks they are destroyed.

In the event of a welfare problem they will have the water changed (both cold and warm water are available in the fish facility) and reoxygenated
9.9 EquipmentNo captive bolt Captive bolt and dart pistol in place

Plus the sedative and euthanasia drugs that were already in place
1 February 2002
9.10 HygieneCleaning not satisfactory for live animals Improved cleaning regime introduced

Note that the rust on the scissor lift is not a hygiene issue. The animals do not contact the scissor lift. It is checked annually for health and safety

1 February 2002
Incomplete hand cleaning facilities in inspection room for

(a) large; and

(b) other animals

Sinks and soap dispensers are now in place 2 July 2002
Insufficient changing rooms to cover all facilities BIP facilities were built as per approved plans, which included only one changing room

Additional changing facilities are now available

1 March 2002
9.11 DocumentationIncomplete Has been updated1 July 2002
9.12 RegistrationRegisters incomplete Registers are being amended
9.13 Selection of consignmentsNo manifests received or checked Manifest checks being carried out as detailed above in combination with London Borough of Hillingdon 1 February 2002
9.14 ProceduresHealth certificates accepted without passport number Passport number required unless health certificate contains a silhouette Done
No physical checks on ornamental fish 100 per cent checks are now being carried out in fish facility 1 January 2002

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